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The Barossa Museum has published two books outlining the history of the Barossa region.

These books can be purchased at the museum, the Visitors Centre in Tanunda or by contacting the secretary at PO Box 51, Tanunda 5352.

'The Barossa, A Vision Realised' is $25 plus postage.

'The Barossa, Federation to the Fifties' is $35 plus postage.

In 1992 'The Barossa a Vision Realised' was published, dealing with the history of the area until 1900. It includes information about the aboriginal inhabitants of the region. The exploration, settlement and development of the towns and villages. The beginnings of agricultural, viticultural and winemaking industries. Also described is the Church, education, recreation and cultural life of the residents of the area, as well as the development of public services.

This books third printing was released in 2018.

218 pages, hard cover.


In 2017 'The Barossa, Federation to Fifties' was published. It continues the history from 1901 until 1950. There is a separate chapter for each of the local communities. An age of great change saw the introduction of the telephone, building of the railway, reticulated water, electricity, motor transport, and the mechanisation of agriculture and viticulture. Two World Wars had a profound effect on the Barossa, particularly for those of German decent who endured discrimination.

533 pages, hard cover.


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